Our Story

We believe in the potential of your team. 

Liz Stahl, Founder & CEO

Liz Stahl, Founder & CEO

Having spent a decade leading social strategy for some of the largest global brands, I along with my colleagues have helped to grow the social media profession from a siloed publishing tool to where it stands today: a lever, that when exercised properly enhances all parts of a marketing organization. 

As the industry has continued to develop, the need to protect and cultivate social has grown exponentially. Many marketers are now mobilizing and building up their internal teams - either for the first time or as a result of severing ties with project-focused agencies. We noticed that there aren't many places for brands to turn to for support during this time. 

The growth of a real-time marketing team is tricky and requires the implementation of long term strategy, tools, and most importantly, the right people. That is where we come in: to ensure, that regardless of the scope of your needs, your internal team is set up for success. 

Look at us as a borrowed Chief Social Officer. 

Now, let's get you set up!